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  1. Fields of Gold (singolo Sting)
  2. Traduzione di "bonus track" in italiano
  4. Sting incanta l’Auditorium di Roma - Recensione, scaletta e video

Songs from the Labyrinth è l'ottavo album in studio del cantante britannico Sting, pubblicato La lista tracce include la lettura di una lettera scritta da Download a Robert Cecil, I conte di Salisbury. Seen the Bright Lily Grow; In Darkness Let Me Dwell; Hellhound on My Trail (cover di Robert Johnson); Message in a Bottle​. Fields of Gold è una canzone composta da Sting, estratta come singolo dal suo quarto album 1 Storia; 2 Nella cultura di massa; 3 Video musicale; 4 Cover; 5 Tracce La versione dell'album Songs from the Labyrinth è utilizzata in un episodio della serie Studio 60 Crea un libro · Scarica come PDF · Versione stampabile. GILVIAN melts alternative rock with electronic music, warm and thick guitars with of my new song Labyrinth born from a collaboration with my norwegian friend and and at that time I made the very early crime to download it illegally: I coming up with a video of a David Sylvian's Japan band song cover. Disponibile con un abbonamento Apple Music. Note dalla redazione Vent'anni di carriera tra successi, rarità, duetti e cover. Labyrinth (Remix Radio Cut). 1.

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Alongside the traditional repertory he performs music by Latin- American composers and his own works. He is the author of compositions for guitar, for violin, for various instrumental groups and for piano and orchestra.

Fields of Gold (singolo Sting)

Per la D. Bacalov ha registrato, nella rielaborazione per pianoforte e orchestra, Adios Nonino e Libertango di Piazzolla e il suo Tangosain. A Città del Messico ha diretto la prima mondiale della sua opera Un ingenioso hidalgo en America. The same work was subsequently conducted on various occasions by Bacalov himself, recently in Bari, on the occasion of the Congresso Eucaristico Nazionale, and at the Teatro Massimo of Palermo.

In Mexico City he conducted the world premiere of his opera Un ingenioso hidalgo en America.

He is the founder of a quartet for bandoneón, double-bass, percussion and piano, with which he performs music that seeks out points of encounter between various musical cultures. Agli studi artistici ha affiancato quelli musicali frequentando, negli anni settanta, le classi di Giuseppe Sinopoli ed Ernesto Rubin de Cervin presso il Conservatorio di Venezia.

Daarop staan dan de hoogte- en dieptepunten van een band, zodat je geïnformeerd aan een recensie kan beginnen. In dit geval is de bio achterwege gebleven, waardoor ik in het duister tast over deze band.

Maar goed. Acht minuten lang klinkt de band onderhoudend en verassend. De kracht van de band ligt in het nét anders benaderen van het genre, door te spelen met de structuren van de nummers.

Traduzione di "bonus track" in italiano

Toch vraag ik me af of er iemand nog op deze band zit te wachten. Wat ze doen is goed, maar zoveel andere bands doen dit veel beter. Om een plek tussen die bands te verwerven zullen deze Italianen heel wat meer hun best moeten doen. In hun rangen telt het vijftal zangeres Chiara Luci, wiens stem raakpunten met die van Doro heeft, zowel qua timbre als qua volume.

Wat dat betreft zit het snor! En de muziek? Het begint wat gewoontjes, maar na enige songs komen ze op dreef met titels als "Living For Honour" of "Midnight Train", die zowel sterke songs zijn als diverse stijlen combineren. We noteren verder het akoestische "Nightly Rainbow", dat aan Blackmore's Night doet denken, en matige covers van Helloween en Riot.

But seriously, when a newcomer band is praised as "BEST newcomer band from the Italian Metal scene", the album called "fantastic debut album" and the singer is heralded as the "new Metal queen", the alarms go off with me. Because only too often these high flying praises in the end give way to nothing but warm air. The danger, of course, is that you build up such a negative mindframe that you might approach the band biased or even push off the reviewing of the CD.

Altogether the quintet around singer Chiara Luci presents us with eight own compositions and two bonus cover versions to prove that they indeed are the next big thing since the invention of the frozen pizza. Opener "The Ways Of The World" right away hands out the typical Italian, heavily triggered drum sound, paired with high speed, so a typical Power Metal opener?


Basically yes, even though SEVENTH SEAL do not overdo it with bombast and the happy melodies, contrary to many of their countrymen and Chiara also has a powerful voice, which fits the music very well and does not even try to venture into any operatic regions.

Basically it is not the archetypical Italo-Power-Speed, that we are treated with by the quintet, but they at times have a certain Eighties touch, which sets them apart from the rest of the pack, as the following title track "The Black Dragon's Eyes" shows. What follows after these tracks is definitely no bad material, but they still do not reach those two tracks. Even though the influences come through a bit stronger apart from the very variable "The Unicorn" , I can say that these Italians are not content with just rehashing the already used ingredients.

The choice of the afore mentioned cover versions has been interesting and relatively typical. The former is played quite furiously and comes over really well, while with "I'm Alive" I have to say that it is a song that is hard to adequately cover and even though SEVENTH SEAL don't do a bad job here, they are too close to the original apart from the vocals, of course to talk about a real "version".

Still well done.

So in the end I cannot fully attribute SEVENTH SEAL with all the collected highlights from the info sheet, for that it at times is too obvious that "The Black Dragon's Eyes" is a debut, but the will and the potential to differ definitely are there and who has an interest in this music should still give these Italians a chance, because the probability that you might like them is not that small indeed.

Online December 16, www.


They deliver the Epic Metal bit that well and convincingly that devotes of this particular Metal genre are gonna just embrace them.

The song writing capabilities, the musicianship and production and all from a debut offering promise much more to come in the future. Online February 12, www.

Things are looking up though and especially Power Metal, with the likes of Rhapsody and Labyrinth upfront, is definitly on the rise. Seventh Seal was formed back in and the band played classic metal with Italian lyrics, at the beginning.

They switched however to using the English language during the later part of They actually add another dimension to the average 'trottle metal' material, with the aid of female singer Chiara Luci, and her very powerful vocal ability.

Trust me It's otherwise Euro Power Metal with amazing double-bass assault, and flashy twin-guitar work. Besides the eight tracks of own material, you'll also find covers of Riot's "Thundersteel" and Helloween's "I'm Alive".

Sting incanta l’Auditorium di Roma - Recensione, scaletta e video

Sadly, you'll also notice how superior these cover songs are comparing to the others. A nice debut album, even if they need to work more on their songwriting skills in the future. Review by Urban "Wally" Wallstrom 15 December www. La proposta musicale della band italiana si ispira tantissimo al power metal di scuola tedesca, molto vicino alle produzioni di Helloween e Gamma ray e sotto certi aspetti, soprattutto nelle parti più cadenzate e lente, ai nostrani Domine.

Alla voce troviamo Chiara Luci che sembra trovarsi particolarmente a suo agio dietro al microfono e riesce a conferire quella giusta epicità e pomposità di cui i pezzi hanno bisogno per decollare.

The digital download edition includes the same audio content and a bonus track. La versione disponibile per il download digitale include gli stessi contenuti audio più una traccia bonus. Ohrwaschl has reissued it in on digipack cover CD and inch LP, the latter containing the bonus track Il viaggio dei grandi spiriti. La Ohrwaschl ha ristampato il disco nel in CD con copertina digipack ed LP 10 pollici, quest'ultima versione con il brano aggiuntivo Il viaggio dei grandi spiriti.

Each disc includes one bonus track. Ogni album contiene una bonus track. The song originally appeared as a bonus track on the album Spinout. La canzone apparve originariamente come bonus track sull'album Spinout. Beyoncé later included the song as a bonus track on international editions of her debut solo album Dangerously in Love. Beyoncé ha in seguito inserito il brano come bonus track nelle edizioni internazionali del suo album di debutto da solista, Dangerously in Love, e nel suo album live I Am I love our record so much, but I think we should cut one of those three songs you were talking about and release it as a bonus track.

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